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Cycling culture in Amsterdam

Just found this video over at the good people of BikeCommuters.com; it made me miss home!

Until I started travelling abroad, I never realized how wonderful the bicycle and cycling culture in Amsterdam and the Netherlands is. Get a glimpse here:

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Music videos with bikes, Robin Thicke and more..

Via the Huffington post:

Robin Thicke – When I Get You Alone. . Coolsamples and cool biking. For anybody that gets offended by his riding style in New York: what if he was in a Hummer instead?

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Lily Allen: LDN: it is nice to cycle in London! Shame the video quality is not all that good..

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Doomtree: Drumsticks: Bicycles are becoming cool and that is great.

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NY city bike messenger race

Hmm, maybe not the best promotion of bicycles. These guys are crazy, but rock. Remember, these are professionals 🙂

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