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Cycling culture in Amsterdam

Just found this video over at the good people of BikeCommuters.com; it made me miss home!

Until I started travelling abroad, I never realized how wonderful the bicycle and cycling culture in Amsterdam and the Netherlands is. Get a glimpse here:

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Asiemut: Olivier & Mel’s excellent documentary: Mongolia – India on a bike

This is the trailer from Olivier and Mel’s biketravelling documentary about their trip from Mongolia to (and through)  India that has won many awards. Please read more at www.asiemut.com , buy the documantary and support the cyclists!

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Down The Road: Thailand

Tim and Cindie Travis gave up their life in the USA, started cycling and never stopped! They have been on the road for more than 5 years now, written a book and every now and then they post videos, like this one from Thailand:

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More news on their website: www.DownTheRoad.org

The love Generation by Bob Sinclar

Must be one of the most catchy songs from this decade, but also with the best video ever. Get inspired and teach your kids!

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