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Cycling culture in Amsterdam

Just found this video over at the good people of; it made me miss home!

Until I started travelling abroad, I never realized how wonderful the bicycle and cycling culture in Amsterdam and the Netherlands is. Get a glimpse here:

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The new Santos belt-drive. The end of bicycle chains?

Santos owner Robbert Rutgrink gives a demonstration of a newly developed belt-drive, where (like in some newer motorcycles) the traditional metal chain has been replaced by a non-metal belt.

Though the video is in Dutch, you can see the belt in action clearly (for non-dutch viewer, forward to 3’00”). Is this the end of chain grease, lubing and general annoyance? See more about Santos Bikes (Mountain bikes, road bikes and Travelmaster touring bikes) on their website or here at

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Ps: it is lighter as well (75grams vs 250grams)


Right now James Bowthorpe will try to beat the record on his round-the-world bicycle trip. He is using a Santo Travelmaster with Beltdrive.

See the article on for more background.

Music videos with bikes, Robin Thicke and more..

Via the Huffington post:

Robin Thicke – When I Get You Alone. . Coolsamples and cool biking. For anybody that gets offended by his riding style in New York: what if he was in a Hummer instead?

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Lily Allen: LDN: it is nice to cycle in London! Shame the video quality is not all that good..

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Doomtree: Drumsticks: Bicycles are becoming cool and that is great.

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Asiemut: Olivier & Mel’s excellent documentary: Mongolia – India on a bike

This is the trailer from Olivier and Mel’s biketravelling documentary about their trip from Mongolia to (and through)  India that has won many awards. Please read more at , buy the documantary and support the cyclists!

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The BiciClown: Millions of smiles around the world

Here is a short video about the biciclown. He has cycled half the world, with only one goal: to make people smile. Very inspirational.

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From his website:

The Biciclown

Álvaro Neil, the biciclown, was born in Oviedo (Asturias) elon the 17th July 1967…

…laughing; he cried only when he was slapped. He studied Law and Clown. At first it may seem they are not compatible activities.

He sold his car and left his job at a Notary Office in Madrid to cycle the world and offer clown shows for free to the most humble.

Thus, some people think he is crazy, others think he is an adventurer, and others say nothing and just jail him as he tells in his book ?Miles of Smiles?.

He tickles the world with his bike ?spending? his life, the life others cannot spend.

He does not think of the future, never forgets the past and lives the present, the only verbal useful tense.


Thousands of people have no reason whatsoever to smile, to laugh. Thanks God there are expert doctors to make them laugh!!!: the clowns

Cycling alone around the World during 10 years is not just a dream

Tickling the Earth with a simple bicycle giving a smile to the people

MOSAW Miles Of Smiles Around the World (2004-2014)

Results achieved

Thousands of smiles, workshops, conferences, books, dvds and a movie.